Reporting Aircraft/Airport Concerns

To assist the public in reporting various concerns they may have regarding aircraft take-offs/landings and the Airport please use the following contacts:

Aircraft Noise

The jurisdiction of the Airport Commission and the Airport Manager is limited to advising pilots about voluntary noise abatement through the Fly Friendly Program, as well as signage at the departure ends of the runways.  If an aircraft’s volume seems excessive, the public can report it online to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regional Noise Ombudsman via email to

Members of the public who would prefer to phone in a complaint should call 781-238-7400.

Low Flying Aircraft

Complaints regarding low flying aircraft, drone/UAV, bird/wildlife strike, military aircraft operation, or other in-air operations should contact the FAA's Reporting Hotline online at or by calling 1-800-255-1111.

Ground Operations

Questions or concerns about ground operations at the Airport should be directed to the Airport Manager: Email the Airport Manager or call 508-945-9000. Messages will be returned as soon as practicable.

Airport Policy

Questions or concerns about Airport policy should be directed to the Airport Commission: Email the Airport Commission or call 508-945-5109. Messages will be returned as soon as practicable.