Who's Who at Town Meeting

  • Town Meeting Members - All registered voters may participate in Town Meeting.
  • The Moderator - presides over and conducts the meeting. He/She is elected to a 3-year term and appoints the Finance Committee.
  • Town Clerk - Is the chief election official, custodian of the Town's records, and recording secretary of the meeting, appointed by the Town Manager.
  • Select Board - (5) Elected policy making body, appoints Town Manager and compiles the Warrant.
  • Town Manager - Appointed by the Select Board, the Town Manager prepares the budget and submits it to the Selectmen and the Finance Committee on or before a date certain. A voter may direct questions to the Town Manager relating to the budget or to warrant articles. Information on the budget is also available online under Budget Central.
  • Finance Director - Has primary responsibility for the budget, reports to the Town Manager, and is an information resource at the meeting.
  • Finance Committee - (9) Appointed by the Moderator, it reviews the budget, makes recommendations on all Warrant articles to assist Town Meeting in making final decisions.
  • Town Counsel - Chief legal officer and legal advisor to the Town Meeting, is appointed by the Select Board.