Relating to Town Meeting

  • Town Meeting Schedule - The Annual Town Meeting is held on the second Monday in May each year. Annual Town Elections are held on the second Thursday in May each year. Special Town Meetings may be held at such times and places as the Select Board may designate.
  • Warrants - Attested copies of the Warrant shall be posted in or on the local Post Office branches and/or in such other public places as the Select Board may designate within the Town fourteen days or more before the date of the meeting. The Warrant will also be posted on the Town’s website under Town Meeting.
  • Annual Town Report – contain reports from Town Departments, Committees, Commissions and Boards on activities during the calendar year. The Town’s financial reports are included. The Annual Report is available in the Town Offices and on the Town’s website.
  • Admission - Only Chatham residents who are registered voters are allowed in the voting sections of Town Meeting. Voting members will be issued a colored card upon entrance to show if a hand count is called for on any article. Unregistered voters and non-residents are permitted to attend and are seated in a non-voting section set apart from the general assembly designated by the Moderator. The Moderator shall also set apart a space where accredited representatives of the press shall sit.