Training Field Triangle Conservation Area

  • Purchased 1972
  • $195,000
  • 39 acres
  • Two parking areas along Old Comers Road

The property is primarily a pitch pine and oak forest. It is reserved for conservation and recreation purposes. There is a certified vernal pool located in the southwestern portion of the property.

A smallpox cemetery from the 1700s is located in the northwestern area of the property near Old Comers Road. An interpretive sign explains the history of the site.

A trail loops the property and includes a segment of the Cape Cod Pathways trail system. Yearly trail maintenance occurs with assistance from AmeriCorps service members. There is a stand of invasive species on the eastern property border that is considered a management priority. In 2013 AmeriCorps members assisted with clearing invasive honeysuckle and bittersweet.

Be cautious of ticks and poison ivy growing on the side of the trails.

Chatham Conservation Property Training Field Triangle Map