Natural Resources Department

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) brings together those Town departments having a significant role in the protection of public health, protection of the natural environment, and the management of marine resources, waterways, and marine infrastructure of Chatham.

Composition of Department

The Department is comprised of:

  • Coastal Resources
  • Conservation Division
  • Harbormaster Division
  • Health Division
  • Shellfish
  • Water Quality Laboratory

Liaisons to Boards & Committees

Department staff serve as liaisons to the:

  • Aunt Lydia's Cove Committee
  • Board of Health
  • Conservation Commission
  • Shellfish Advisory Committee
  • South Coastal Harbor Management Plan Committee
  • Waterways Committee


The DNR maintains a close working relationship with the Department of Community Development as many projects involve jurisdiction and permitting that affect both departments. Staff in the DHE play an integral role in many ongoing town projects such as:

  • The Comprehensive Wastewater (Nutrient) Management Plan
  • The management of conservation lands and coastal and marine resources and infrastructure
  • Nitrogen Loading Regulations
  • North Beach Management Plan
  • Pleasant Bay Resource Management Plan
  • Stage Harbor Comprehensive Harbor Management Plan

Department Customer Service Statement

We are committed to maintaining the health and welfare of the citizens of Chatham while preserving, and enhancing where possible, Chatham's unique natural environment within the confines of state and town regulations, codes, and policies and will endeavor to administer these rules in a fair and impartial manner.