Community Development

Mission Statement

The Chatham Department of Community Development's mission is to ensure courteous, consistent, dependable, and trustworthy public service through quality management oversight of the Department in the effective performance of duties and responsibilities in four primary division areas: inspectional services, planning, zoning, and historic preservation in addition to the Department's support of various Boards and Committees.

Customer Service Theme

Working together to serve you better

Customer Service Statement

On a daily basis, the Chatham Community Development Department strives to provide courteous and responsive quality service to our valued customers by fostering a respectful and welcoming environment resulting in a positive experience for all by:

  • Listening to your concerns and providing accurate answers and information by responding in a friendly and thoughtful manner
  • Being accountable for all we do, recognizing that everyone's needs are important
  • Being the helping hand in making the permitting process easier and employing a collaborative approach to finding solutions on complex issues, enabling the successful completion of your projects
  • Maintaining a commitment to transparency by responding to requests for information to the full extent of Massachusetts public meeting and records law
  • When we do need to say no, to do so in a manner that is informative and educational, explaining the regulatory basis for such decisions

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